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Alexey "Excellent233"


Alexey Excellent233  is poker pro who earned more than a half million USD and is ready to share his experience and knowledge with the you. He manages two Russian-language poker projects since 2016 which already allowed its participants, both amateurs and the pros, to earn more than million dollars. Now his company enters the international market and invites everyone who wants to make money on the Internet to collaborate.


Oleg "OverNuts"


Oleg OverNuts is a poker pro and professional trainer. Oleg has been playing poker since 2017 and earned 50 000 USD since then. His students earned a dozen times more. Systematic and structural approach to information is Oleg’s strong point. Oleg is the author of the WorldSpin training course and you will understand the basic concepts of the game after completing this course. And the main thing is that you learn to make money playing poker.


Stanislav "ZhukovskijSZ"


Stanislav ZhukovskiSZ  is a poker pro who gained his skill through training in our Russian-language project Vpluse. He has come from zero to 100 buy-in in just two years. His monthly earning is 10 000 USD now and he is ready to share his experience and knowledge with the beginners.